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Mastering the Odds: Demystifying Probability Talk in English for ESL Learners

Feeling lost in a sea of "highly likely" and "slim chance" situations?  You're not alone!  English uses a wide range of phrases to express the probability of something happening, and it can be confusing to keep them all straight.

Here at DoubleTick English, we're all about making English learning fun and clear!  In our latest video, we've created a handy "Word Explained in Percentages" chart to help you decode those probability phrases with ease.

Words Explained in Percentages
Words Explained in Percentages

Imagine knowing exactly what someone means when they say something is "almost certain" or just has a "snowball's chance in hell" of happening!

This video will equip you with the knowledge to:

  • Confidently understand probability talk in everyday English.

  • Express yourself clearly when discussing the likelihood of events.

  • Become a master of navigating those tricky percentage situations.

Ready to unlock the secrets of probability talk?  Head over to our Instagram post and check out our "Word Explained in Percentages" video!

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