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Mrs Hale

         International Language Coach 

Mrs Hale

Studying English Linguistics at Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey between the years 2012 and 2017, Mrs Hale started working as an English tutor at a language school for the first time while she was studying.


In her time at the language school, Mrs. Hale taught English as a second language to primarily adults.


After having graduated from the department of English Linguistics, Mrs. Hale decided to work as a lecturer at her original university (Hacettepe University), in the School of Foreign Languages for three years.


One of the proudest days of her life was when she obtained her qualification in teaching English as a second language, through the university.

DoubleTick English for ESL Learners presents:

Master English with Mrs. Hale: Your Experienced and Patient Coach

While working as a lecturer at the university, Mrs Hale started doing professional translation. In this period, she was employed as a freelance translator by a company working mainly on academic, legal, and medical translations. After leaving Hacettepe University, she worked for an organisation to teach business English. This was a particularly good investment in time as she taught business-related vocabularies in English to individuals who were working in various sectors.


Mrs Hale's teaching career has taught her how to be patient, energetic, supportive, and creative. She's worked with various age groups. She believes that every student is unique. Having learnt another language from the beginning she understands her students' problems better. That's why she decided to continue her academic career in Germany and learn German. She took the IELTS to achieve her goal in 2018 and since then she has been preparing her students for IELTS, too. Since 2020, she's been doing her master's degree in Linguistics and learning the German language and its culture. At the same time, she continues to teach English online. 


Mrs. Hale knows that people are having a really tough time in Turkey while learning English. Mrs Hale understands that most of the time students trying to learn English cannot communicate in English even though they have taken many classes.


Mrs Hale has a big emphasis on allowing her students to speak. Speaking more during the lesson with communicative games such as role plays. In other words, her lessons are more student-centered rather than teacher-centered. In that way, students will learn more through, practice and have fun.


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