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Mr Russ - Doubletick Englis for ESL Learners Coach

Born in Australia Mr Russ is a Native English speaker. Having been a business and personal coach since 2006, Mr Russ has always loved the difference he has been able to make in others. Personal and business lives have been transformed through the coaching received by literally thousands of people.


Having worked for an online English company where he taught over 2000 lessons to more than 800 students in seven months, Mr Russ decided his love for coaching English to others needed it's own platform. April 2020 he launched DoubleTick English specifically to meet the needs of students requiring assistance with spoken English online.


Being a successful business owner in more than 15 different industries has helped Mr Russ see he has a lot more to offer than just teaching English to students from all over the world. Many students require business coaching, in anything from how to obtain a job, and writing a resume, through to getting a pay rise or a promotion, he's even helped with drafting sales emails. Personal / life coaching in effective English communication in relationships is also often requested. 

International Language Coach 

Mr Russ 

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Mr. Russ:
A Seasoned English Coach with a Passion for Making a Difference

DoubleTick English for ESL Learners presents:

Having obtained his formal qualification in teaching English as a Foreign Language, through the internationally renowned International TEFL & TESOL Training, Mr Russ went on to study Teaching English to Young Learners as he perceived this was the place he could make the biggest difference.  

Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners

No sooner had Mr Russ finished his Business English certification when a new certification had been released to help teachers cope with the ever changing world of online teaching; Teaching English Online. Now fully qualified in every aspect of Teaching English to Foreign Learners, Mr Russ set about making a difference to others on a daily basis, and is now fully ITTT accredited.

Certificate in Teaching English Online

Book the Free English assessment. It's a bit of fun that doesn't cost you anything. You'll love the knowledge of what level your at in getting an English score

from A1 - C2.

If you like us, we'll start the "onboarding" process for you to start when you're ready to proceed.
We're really looking forward to starting you on your journey from Beginner to Business English For ESL Learners
It really is a lot of fun.

Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

After being accredited to coach Young Leaners there was at the time, considered a greater requirement for people to teach Business English because there was a shortage of people that had owned businesses in the past, could speak from experience, and were qualified Business English teachers. Mr Russ had the experience in business being self employed since 1996; so without teaching a single lesson to Young Learners dived straight in, and obtained his certification in Business English

Certificate in Teaching Business English

With past students ranging from an Algerian doctor, a Jordanian Radiographers, a Brazilian Neurosurgeon, a  Turkish Art Historian, a Saudi Arabian woman who was the first to defy archaic Islamic social restraints, Japanese business owners, the Chinese, and even a TV & Radio personality from Hong Kong; not to mention the many brilliant children from all walks of life. It's been Mr Russ' privilege to coach them all then, now, and into the future. 

Diploma is Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
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