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Mrs Nona
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         International Language Coach 

Mrs Nona

Not only am I an English coach, I'm a jeweller, making jewellery is the main work I do during the day. I  have different certifications in arts such as Vitrail, stained glass, mosaics, making leather bags and shoes, and more. I've also been teaching these certifications for several years. 

I'm also an accomplished pianist. I've been playing the piano since I was seven years old and I love it. 


Here's something I didn't love. I studied IT in university and... well, lets just say that IT isn't for me. To be honest I only studied at university to get a university degree. So, yes I have a degree in IT, however, this isn't my passion.

DoubleTick English for ESL Learners presents:

From IT Grad to English Coach, Mrs. Nona Makes Learning Fun

When I started learning English, I found it very challenging. I gave up learning English many times. That is until I met a great teacher who taught me that learning English is by no means easy, however it is an exciting journey. She taught me how to study.


I'm an English teacher now and I know how important and influential the position of a teacher can be. I want to be able to give other people the benefit of what I have learned. I've been there, I get it.


Because of the way I was taught English, I know I have the knowledge that makes a difference. I strongly believe that the main problem students face in learning a new language is when they don't know how or what to study.


When I was an English student, I struggled to understand, to stay motivated and keep studying. What I found worked for me is 'when I easily understand something, studying becomes enjoyable'. When studying is enjoyable, studying is easier. Simple I know, however, it's difficult to know how to obtain that. I've been there, I know what you need.

I'll help all my students enjoy learning English as their second language because I once walked that same path, I know the obstacles you will face, and I know how to avoid the pitfalls. I know how to guide you down the English path.

So, now you know my secret in how I coach English.


"You can't teach someone if they can't stand studying or learning. I help my students to first love to learn, then start learning." - Mrs Nona


Book the Free English assessment. It's a bit of fun that doesn't cost you anything. You'll love the knowledge of what level your at in getting an English score from A1 - C2.

If you like us, we'll start the "onboarding" process for you to start when you're ready to proceed.
We're really looking forward to starting you on your journey from Beginner to Business English For ESL Learners
It really is a lot of fun.

Mrs Nona, has the DoubleTick Education English Coaching accreditation to coach English at all levels:
Creative Conversations
IELTS 4 Life (no link)
Business Communication


Having the ability to also speak, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Turkish, Farsi, and of course English. We've had students initially learning English wth Mrs Nona, only to switch to another language later. Our fees are still the same no matter which language you choose to learn with Mrs Nona. Why not chose a language and do it with a friend online with Mrs Nona

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