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Miss Mualla
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         International Language Coach 

Miss Mualla

Coaching and language (especially English Language) has always been a passion for me. Luckily for me, this is something I could combine: “English & Coaching”.


That's how my journey began. In my studentship (internship) years, I was the one surrounded by people to teach them before the exams. You know the one right? Everyone knows someone like this. 

In my high school years after completing the first year, I was supposed to decide which direction to take. Many students were choosing a field to specialise in for their future careers. My friends were taking particular lessons related to their fields until the end of the high school. I decided to specialise in the field of language and selected the language department.

DoubleTick English for ESL Learners presents:

Learn English with a Smile: Your Energetic and Experienced Coach

Shortly after high school I got the right to study at one of the most reputable universities in the country. Istanbul University, ELT (English Language Teaching) Department. I couldn’t wait to graduate in teaching and started working as teacher in a language school.

I decided to go to “Teacher Training High School” which was established with the aim of training future teacher for high schools.



I also had a chance to work with Oxford University Press (OUP). From 2019 to 2020 I participated in OUP, Turkey’s Digital Individual Coaching Program. This involves uploading sample lesson videos (weekly & monthly) as well as having an OUP teacher trainer (coach) watch and give feedback. The program is collaborative and focuses on teaching skills along with holistic teaching practices. I'm very proud of the fact that I've been coached, coached others and had samples of my videos shared for good teaching practice examples specifically made for other teachers in the international coaching program.


Secondly, I strongly believe that if you learn a language, you need to try your best to speak this language as it is spoken by the language natives. I really do care about the correct pronunciation and accent: If you wish, we can start from the very beginning and learn the phonetic alphabet as well! Finally, all of you are welcome from the heart with your different cultures, backgrounds religions and beliefs. I can't wait to meet you all.


Since my graduation, I have been working as an English teacher. So far, I have experience with nursery, primary, secondary levels and even adults.

I've still maintained tutoring students from nursery to adult. I love the relationships I've created along the way.


Now, please let me explain why you could choose me as your personal English coach.


Firstly, I'm very social and an energetic person. I can't stop myself smiling whilst I'm teaching. I just love it. It's hard to explain, however, my energy will transfer to you. You'll feel energised, more importantly you'll feel comfortable and peaceful with me coaching you English.


Book the Free English assessment. It's a bit of fun that doesn't cost you anything. You'll love the knowledge of what level your at in getting an English score from A1 - C2.

If you like us, we'll start the "onboarding" process for you to start when you're ready to proceed.
We're really looking forward to starting you on your journey from Beginner to Business English For ESL Learners
It really is a lot of fun.

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