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Miss Ebru
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         International Language Coach 

Miss Ebru

Born in Turkey Miss Ebru is a Native Turkish speaker that speaks and teaches English. Miss Ebru's passion with English started when she was just five years old. She was given a book by her cousin and the words were in English. A whole new world opened for Miss Ebru.


By the fourth grade Miss Ebru was learning English at school and had the added advantage of being able to use the internet and watch foreign television channels. 


After her junior schooling, Miss Ebru attended 'Teacher Training' during her high school years. It was at this early stage in her life she knew she wanted to be an English teacher. With a further three years of intense English training, Miss Ebru placed highly in her English grammar university entrance examination and was well placed to start her further studies at the highly regarded Hacettepe university in Turkey.

DoubleTick English for ESL Learners presents:

Miss Ebru: Your Experienced English Coach with a Passion for Languages

With university training now under her belt, Miss Ebru started teaching English to children in Turkey, and soon after moved to Germany for a year where she worked as a Turkish translator for various companies whilst completing further studies at the University of Augsburg. During this venture Miss Ebru also did various training in the German education system in such areas as intercultural communication, and had the privilege of learning the pedagogical methodology of teaching foreign students.


Miss Ebru has worked as an English teacher in a private school. Not long after this Miss Ebru started working for the United Nations International Organisation for Migration as a English language trainer and still works there to this day as well as for the Ankara University TOMER (Turkish and Foreign Languages Research and Application Centre of Ankara University) as an English Instructor.


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Eventually Miss Ebru returned to Turkey and finished her bachelors degree. During her studies Miss Ebru worked for several language schools, and of course tutored many private students. Becoming an Honour Student during her subsequent internship that gained her a diploma was a definite highlight in her career thus far.


Miss Ebru loves languages. You can tell when you speak with her. Her enthusiasm shines through. Able to speak at level:

C2 - Turkish

C1 - English

B1 - German

Miss Ebru has a lot to offer any student

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