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What Level am I?

Beginner to Business 
English Coaching For ESL Learners 

If we charged a dollar for everyone that has asked us this..... :-)

Each teacher will evaluate you slightly differently. We know this isn't what you want to hear. We know you want a simple system so you can self evaluate.


People will often hear:

1. Beginner / Elementary

2. Intermediate

3. Advanced

This three levels are seen as to broad for most of our students. So we devised a system to help you understand where you are at now, and then monitor your own progress. You'll be able to see how much you have progressed yourself:

Black Belt

Speaking fluently with business / professional English, with no gramma issues. You know you're not 'done', you'll know you will be continually broadening your knowledge with new vocabulary, just like a native speaker.

Brown Belt

You know English, you can debate politics, and even religion. You're learning words like 'ambiguous', 'congruent' or 'efficacy'. Every day, new professional words are added and used through the day - Advanced level. 

Purple Belt

The words keep coming, and you are now speaking fluently in English - For some people this is enough. Moving forward from here we start looking at a business / professional level - Advanced Intermediate Level.

Green Belt

At this level you will have a social level of English. You will still be frustrated with your lack of vocabulary, and that's okay, you're learning. However what you will also notice is you're thinking in English. - Intermediate Level

Orange Belt

You are understanding 80 - 85% of what the teacher is saying. You're having conversations in English, and your reading has expression. It gets frustrating for you here because you need more vocabulary. - Advanced Elementary.

Yellow Belt

At yellow belt you start to notice that you will need to 'think in English'. Easier said that done right? We start reading line by line to ensure you understand what you're reading. Pronunciation is the key at this point. Elementary level.

Black Tip

You've been doing karate / English for a few months now. You know a few moves / words and you think you're doing a good job, until you see a black belt / native speaker; you know there is a way to go yet. Advanced Beginner

White Belt

You have your new gi on that comes with a white belt. You've just walked into the dojo, and you have no idea what you're doing. You don't know any English. - You are very much a beginner.

So.... what's your level?

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